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Paradise Horizons On-line
Experience the Exhilaration of Transformation 
and the Joy of Self Awareness with a 
Breaking The Seals personal celestial science Natal Chart
Price:  $180.

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Breaking the Seals 
Natal Charts

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Paradise Horizons

On Line Relaxation Classes

Please adhere to the following:

1.No gum
2.No food two hours before each session
3.Choose a quite space with no distractions
4.Use the same mat, chair or blanket for each session
5. Wear loose fitting clothes
6.Let go and Let God

I will be using candle light and the soothing smell of frankincense and lavender. 
If it is convenient and safe for you, you might consider doing the same.

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Paradise Horizons is a method of "wholistic" living developed by HOW 's founder, ElAnee Barclay. The system addresses the spiritual, mental and physical aspects of our existence. Our private relaxation classes help to destress our minds in the midst of our whirlwind lives.

The Paradise Horizons Radio program on WOVU 95.9 FM takes us on a spiritual journey unlike anything most people have ever experienced.

Paradise Horizons pure and natural shea butter blend give our bodies a radiant glow.

So if you are looking for bright, vibrant skin, peace of mind, or divine spiritual upliftment 
Paradise Horizons is the really all the you need.

Paradise Horizons
Paradise Horizons Body Butter
for bright healthy looking skin