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After School Entrepreneurs
Sewing & Jewelry Design                Manufacturing                            African Dance
We are strong, wise, educated, and professional so what is the stumbling block to overcoming the issues that we face?  

Letting Go!

Letting Go is the key to freeing the magic of our African minds. We must let go of the old self and learn to embrace the knowledge wisdom and understanding of the culture from which we came.  

HOW Institute is dedicated to awakening the Spiritual, Mental and Physical depth of our DNA that has heretofore been suppressed.

So, if you want to awaken the Spiritual, Mental and Physical power of your DNA.... 

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"They say our people suffer from 
a lack of knowledge...yet we fill the halls of the college."
                                                     Queen Mother Elanee

Legacy Art Program

The Legacy Art Program is a link or bridge is you will, that connects people in the diaspora to those in the country of Ghana through the arts.  

By creating murals that enhance their environment we connect through contest and legacy building enterprises
The HOW After School Entrepreneurs Program has been in existence since 2009. It's mission is to teach skills and expand the minds of our youth. "We know that a mind stretched never returns to it original form," therefore goal is to reach as many children as we can in every way that we can. HOW works in conjunction with area childcare facilities and has touched the lives of thousands of little minds. Balance derived from meditation is our core. It is the segue to the study of chess and how it relates to life's decisions and consequences. Art, fashion and jewelry design, and the concept of manufacturing is introduced in ways that insure they understand and dream big.