HOW at Sikakrom  
            The Total African Experience
Handwriting On the Wall  
is proud to announce the opening of our first international location, Sikakrom The Total African Experience.  

  • Event and Conference Center
  • Museum of African Traditional Healers
  • Chiefs Herbal Clinic
  • Barclay's Real Estate and Trading Company
  • Paradise Horizons System
  • Fine Like ME Celebrity Designer Jewelry
  • Family First Foundation
  • Trinity Outreach Ministries

Also located within our Ghanaian headquarters are the Obokese Foundation and HOW Institute offices.  Sikakrom is a 1 stop location for what is happening in Ghana...Use HOW Now!

OBOKESE Foundation and HOW Institute's first Wealth Seminar was a huge success.
​Enjoy the pictorial!

God First!

Handwriting On the Wall Institute would like to take this time to thank the OBOKESE Foundation for the partnership we share in Sikakrom and other projects around the globe. Together along with Family First Village and Trinity Outreach Ministries family we will surely make a powerful impact in the building of a strong and mighty African people in the Diaspora as well as in the Mother Land.

HOW is passionate about their mission to engage, encourage and ingather the people towards a common goal: Reconnect with the Godly spiritual force within each person and to express that force in all that they say and do. This is our aim and we work day and night to fulfill that worthy endeavor.  

You should also see the strength that this connection bears as others are instinctively drawn to its flame.  With God as our guide we can not - will not fail nor falter.  We will develop a bridge that will allow His children to come together in peace, love and harmony for the purpose of setting examples to others, building communities and strengthening families.  

The HOW Institute's dedication is infectious and we give honor and credit to our founder and president, Ms. ElAnee Barclay who was recognized by King Okatakyi Dr. Amanfi, Paramount Chief of Asebu Traditional Area who called her to his palace to invite her to work along side his royal court as a Queen.  What an Honor!  Her hard work has paid off. Now she can use her years of community building to expand her purpose.